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  • Pimlico Idol

    Ava, the winner of Pimlico Idol had originally participated for a laugh. She didn’t expect to win at all however she was fortunate enough to succeed!

    She sang a song by Amy Winehouse called ‘Back to Black.’

    Ava is 16 and is in year 11. There apparently was no prize but for Ava the prize was to be Pimlico’s Idol!

    Mr Ford informs us that there were no judges but the spectators were the judges due to the fact that they all received a paper and were told to write down who won. Therefore the contestant with the most votes won.

    Ava hopes to become a singer/song writer when she becomes older.

    Ava has not given up since she was 7 and has achieved things she hadn’t imagined she would. She hopes to inspire people so they can too.

    - By Gonçalo

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