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  • Our Curriculum

    Students choose up to four subjects from a wide range of A level courses. We provide detailed advice and guidance to every student, taking into account students' interests and talents but also considering the subjects that different degree courses require so that students have a broad range of future options. Our aim is that our Sixth Form students will be fully-equipped to gain places and to succeed at the best universities.

    Lessons are engaging and stimulating. Our students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in A level examinations, but they also have the opportunity to develop their interests by exploring their subjects in increasing depth through visiting speakers and after-school clubs. Students are taught the skills to take control of their own learning, putting them in a strong position for study at university level.

    A Level courses on offer:

    Ancient History

    Art & Design



    Computer Science


    English Language

    English Literature

    Extended Project


    Further Mathematics


    Government & Politics




    Media Studies


    Music Technology






    Sport BTEC

    Theatre Studies

    All Year 12 students have a full timetable of at least three A Level courses and the opportunity to complete an additional accredited activity. At the end of this page is a more detailed booklet of all the courses on offer.

    Academic Guidance

    The Sixth Form team provides students with extensive guidance and personalised support including an induction programme at the start of Year 12 and regular one-to-one academic tutorials.

    Student progress is carefully monitored and additional academic support and intervention is provided when needed. This is tailored to an individual’s requirements and can include additional in-class support from teachers or after school tuition from teachers and local university mentors.

    We work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure they are fully informed about their child’s academic progress and targets. There are regular opportunities for parents and carers to discuss their child’s progress with teachers and the Sixth Form team.

    Personal development

    Sixth Form students play a key role in the school community: they are ambassadors for the academy and provide positive role models for younger students. They also take on responsibilities in the school and wider community, developing their confidence and developing leadership skills valued by universities and employers. These responsibilities include prefect roles, mentoring younger students during I-Space and volunteering in our local area.

    Pimlico Academy

    Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
    Tel: 020 7828 0881