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     Code of conduct

    Our values: Scholarship, Responsibility, Respect.

    Our vision: every member of Pimlico Academy Sixth Form works hard to succeed, take on the commitments and challenges of young adulthood, and treats everyone in the academy with respect.

    Targets: above 95% attendance as a sixth-form, all students meet their academic targets, all students embrace expectations and approach their work with a positive attitude, all students know why they are here and what they want to achieve after leaving us.

    Code of Conduct: in Sixth Form we give you values to live up to rather than rules to follow. As a member of the cohort we expect you to support our values and vision by living up to our principles:

    1. We work hard
    2. We work together
    3. We are open and honest
    4. We respect each other
    5. We contribute to the our community
    6. We are leaders


    1. We work hard:  because we are here to study and learn

    • Every student has a reason to work hard and push themselves to achieve greater things. Simply ‘passing’ or getting by isn’t the aim, we expect a positive, determined, and aspirational attitude to your studies that informs the way you behave and think around the school.
    • Your attendance and punctuality to lessons is vital to your success. Be sure to schedule appointments after school or in the holidays. Always contact the Sixth Form office to authorise an absence with at least 24 hours’ notice.  Always leave home with plenty of time to spare.

    2.  We work together: so we collaborate with staff and students

    • Work with staff: ask them for specific targets to help you achieve, communicate about what you find difficult or need support with.
    • Work with students: the most successful students at Pimlico have always been those who recognise the value of working with classmates outside the classroom: organise study groups and develop support networks.
    • Your long-term success is built on your ability collaborate.

    3. We respect each other: because all members of the academy deserve your respect and you deserve theirs.

    • It is easy to feel at home around school, especially when relaxing with friends. But remember you are in a public institution and spaces shared with young children and adults: be considerate about others beliefs, values and feelings.
    • Be friendly, positive, and polite in your dealings with others.

    4. We contribute to our community: because it is our community.

    • The school environment is what you make it. Volunteer to help staff, take on commitments and responsibilities, and participate in clubs or societies.
    • Getting involved and contributing to the community will create lasting memories, improve your wellbeing, and help reduce stress.

    5. Be open and honest: so we can support you.

    • Every member of staff is dedicated to supporting you at Pimlico.  If you feel like you need support – whether personal or academic – be sure to speak to a member of staff or the Sixth Form team.
    • Personal issues: the Sixth Form team will respect your right to support and confidentiality, we can help you find specialist support and ensure your academic workload is manageable. 
    • Academic concerns: if you feel like you are falling behind or not making progress, you need to communicate this with your teachers or the Sixth Form team. We can make sure you have specific, achievable targets that can help you get back on track. Ask for help, don’t wait for intervention.

    6. Be Leaders: because you’re capable of it.

    • Set up clubs, societies, or events. Help younger students feel welcome and supported.  Be the adult you imagine yourself to be in 5 years’ time.  Be bold and take on responsibilities or find opportunities that might change your life. Don’t let your peers determine who you will become. You need to find your own pathway.

     concern processes

    • There are 3 areas of Sixth Form concern policy: academic progress, attendance and conduct.
    • These policies support our values for Scholarship, Responsibility and Respect and our Code                                                    of Conduct.

    Concern Processes

    This diagram describes what happens if we have any concerns about you.

    • You can always expect concerns to be dealt with in a clear, consistent, and fair way. 
    • You can expect us to support you by: involving your parents early on before concerns become more serious, giving you clear and achievable targets to improve, and listening to you individually to support you on a case-by-case basis.

    Well Being

    Our student welfare is of key importance. At Pimlico we understand that ensuring students are well, both physically and mentally, is key to academic successes and happiness. In order to help our young people move through the challenges of A-level and maintain a healthy study/life balance we offer support in a number of ways. All students are offered the following:

    Academic & Enrichment Support

    • Tutor programme that helps students develop a growth mind set to their own capabilities and learning. We offer academic support with time management, study skills
    • Academic tutorials to support a student in reflecting on his/her progress
    • Ensuring students are on the right pathway through careful guidance pre-enrolment. Moving in the right direction is pivotal to enabling young people gain confidence and find interesting destinations
    • Two study rooms for Sixth Form students with computers
    • A personalised Raising Aspirations Programme which provides wider enrichment opportunities suited to the young person
    • Support in making choices about their own futures
    • An opportunity to develop as a role model by supporting younger students with reading

    Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

    • Free breakfast & fruit during the day
    • Lockers to help with the practical side of storing and managing resources
    • Exercise and extra-curricular opportunities specifically for post 16 students
    • I-space programme that gives students a forum to discuss and become more knowledgeable about relationships, internet safety, sex, drugs and alcohol

    Student Voice: We carefully reflect on how our students are progressing through surveys which take place twice a year and also through our student board who liaise with students to share student opinions, thoughts and needs.

    Seeking Support: Where a specific concern arises students can self-refer by coming to see us to share concerns. We are well aware that students sometimes struggle with this initial step. In light of this we have a Sixth Form referral process. If a student appears to be struggling or a cause for concern to a member of staff then they will notify both the Sixth Form and inclusion team who will then review, discuss and put in place support for the young person whether it is academic support or pastoral. Where a student is experiencing particular difficulties and require specialist support, we will direct them to one of the following organisations:

    safeguarding Information

    Further to the Academy wide safeguarding policy, which can be found here:, are the Sixth Form specific policies.

    1. PREVENT at Pimlico Sixth Form: 

    What is the Prevent Duty? Section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a duty on certain bodies, listed in Schedule 3 to the Act (including schools and colleges), to have "due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism".

    What is Extremism? The government has defined extremism in the Prevent strategy as: "vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and

    tolerance of different faiths and beliefs."

    At Pimlico Academy Sixth Form we ensure that all students:

    1. Understand the Prevent strategy aims and intentions
    2. What to do if they have a concern about a student who may be vulnerable to or suspect is being radicalised
    3. Understand British Values through our I-space/assembly programme, as well as reflecting these values in our own inclusive ethos and environment

    2. ID and Student Whereabouts: As post 16 students do not wear a uniform then we need to be able to identify sixth form students clearly in the building and for this reason students must wear their ID cards on a lanyard at all times in school. This is an important part of our safeguarding policy and is non-negotiable. Sixth Form students must enter the building via the reception and the main entrance, ensuring that they tag in and tag out using the Inventry software so we are aware of their whereabouts at all times. Students are responsible for keeping ID safe and must immediately replace any that go missing otherwise they will not be allowed on site. Replacement ID is £5 from Ms Leighton in 114. Students must not bring external visitors on site. 

    3. An Inclusive Environment: At Pimlico Academy Sixth Form we value our inclusive ethos. We ensure all students feel safe and we do not tolerate bullying or harassment. Our anti-bullying policy can be found here: We provide particular support for vulnerable groups such as young people in or leaving care and young carers.

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    Your achievement and success depends upon your attendance to 100% scheduled lessons and sessions at Sixth Form. We expect you to take full responsibility for your attendance and punctuality.

    Reporting Absence: Prior absence to be notified to Sixth Form Office via email or telephone ( 020 7828 0881 ext. 278). Holidays and non-urgent medical appointments are not to be made during the school day/term time.  In the case of genuine sickness, when an absence genuinely cannot be foreseen you must inform the Sixth Form Office as soon as possible on the day in question. In the case of illness, a letter from a parent/doctor should be provided when you returns to school.

    Punctuality: Students are expected to be punctual 100% of the time; If arriving late to lesson at the beginning of a double or single period the student should inform teacher and collect work then report to the Sixth Form Office. Late students will not be allowed into lessons. They will be recorded absent from that lesson. If students have missed the first lesson of a double lesson they are expected to return for the 2nd period.  Students are expected to be up to date with the work they have missed due to lateness and must see staff to apologise and collect work missed by the end of that day.

     dress code Information

    The Pimlico Academy Sixth Form Dress Code fits in with the ethos of the Academy in ensuring you are well dressed, smart and present a positive image both in and out of school. You are role models with increasing positions of responsibility within the school. If you are not appropriately dressed will not be allowed in the building. Parents will be informed and you will be sent home and asked to come back dressed appropriately. ID badges must be worn at all times. The following are not permitted:

    • blue jeans, leggings or jeggings
    • hoodies
    • tracksuits
    • crop tops
    • miniskirts
    • hats
    • earphones
    • ripped jeans
    • denim or denim looking fabric

    Mobile phones and headphones on display within the school building will be confiscated until the end of the school day.

    These are examples of acceptable clothing – except the hat in school!


    Pimlico Academy

    Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
    Tel: 020 7828 0881