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  • Chicago Comes to Pimlico Academy

    Pimlico reporters sat down with Miss Simpson and asked her a few questions about the recent school play Chicago. She told us about how it all came together and how she thinks it turned out. “Those rehearsals can sometimes seem long but sometimes things go wrong that are really funny and we all end up crying with laughter.”

    “The real joy and laughter is at the end when it comes together and they are all so proud and the audience really appreciates what they’ve done.”

    It was very rewarding for the whole cast in the play. The auditions were held in the first week of September and they performed it in the first week of December. Miss Simpson commented that she personally liked ‘Mister Cellophane’ the most out of the main characters. “I’m supposed to say I loved them all, right? I really did like Mister Cellophane who was played by Jayden. He plays a character called Amos who is in love with the main character Roxie but she just uses him for money.”

    She loves the way that at the end of the show he turned her down and finally realised that he would be happier without her. She also personally liked Billy who is a lawyer; he helps Roxie get out of jail. She admired the main character, Roxie, who murdered her boyfriend when she was already married to her husband, Amos. Her boyfriend, Fred Casely, tried to walk out on her, but then she shot him. She idolized Velma because of her attitude and her funky personality.

    When the interview finally came to the curtain call, Miss Simpson wrapped it up with a heart-warming sentence:

    “The final product. Seeing all the hard work come together. That’s the most satisfying, that’s what gives you goose bumps!”

    - By Emilie and Lara

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