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  • My work experience at the House of commons


    Ali Abdul Fatah was given the opportunity to do work experience at the House of Commons. Here has shared with us his thoughts about the experience.





    My work experience was at the Houses of Commons with the Conservative MP Alex Chalk. This was an amazing experience as I learnt so much about UK government and politics which will help me in my studies (and it will look great in my personal statement!). One really exciting thing I did was listen to debates in the House of Commons which was interesting as they were discussing a topic that relates to my A-level studies at Pimlico Academy. I also enjoyed speaking to the parliamentary assistants who worked in Alex Chalk’s office, as they gave me real insight into the day to day workings of parliament.

    During my period of work experience, I completed research about conservatism which is one of the ideologies we study in Politics. This helped to further deepen my academic understanding, particularly as I was able to see the practical application of the ideology first hand. I would recommend this work experience to anyone who is truly passionate about the study of politics as you will be able to see things that you wouldn’t see on an average day. For example, I saw Jeremy Corbyn when he was coming out the elevator, as his office was just above mine. Overall, I would highly recommend you consider taking this work experience, especially if you have even a slight interest in Politics.

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