Raising Aspirations

Our Raising Aspirations Programme encourages ambition and achievement in life beyond school.


Raising Aspirations

Every student at the Academy is encouraged, and supported, to set their sights high and broaden their ambitions, irrespective of their background or their individual circumstances.  Our Raising Aspirations Programme aims to foster this process through a diverse range of events, speakers, visits to universities and businesses and mentoring. 


Throughout their time at Pimlico Academy students are encouraged to think about their capabilities and strengths and the careers that might interest them. Notable speakers from a multitude of professional backgrounds participate in our speaker programme including entrepreneurs, barristers, politicians, journalists, musicians and sportsmen. Students are given guidance on CV writing, interview skills and presentation as part of their preparation for life beyond the Academy. This preparation includes a week of work experience in Year 10 and in Year 12.

Education Beyond Pimlico Academy

Our ambition is to equip our students with the academic talent and the confidence to achieve a place at university and derive the most benefit from their time and experiences once there.  The Raising Aspirations Programme aims to inform students about university, debunk myths, and arrange university visits including meeting students and lecturers, touring the buildings and having a taster of university style lectures and seminars. We also keep parents informed and up to date with the UCAS system and provide reassurance around the sometimes daunting issues of university life. Advice is always tailored to each individual student’s needs and ambitions and includes guidance on vocational courses after Pimlico Academy.  


Pimlico Academy has a number of partnerships in place where volunteers support students through one to one or small group mentoring. Students derive benefit from interacting with adults beyond the academic environment and mentors often give huge encouragement to their mentees. Mentors too benefit from the relationship and the rewards that helping young adults bring.

Support Us

Our Raising Aspirations Programme relies on the generosity of volunteers to work with, and help enrich the lives of, the students at the Academy. If you remember the helpful advice you received as a young adult, or the inspiration that spurred you to aim for university, and would like to encourage others in a similar way, then please contact the Raising Aspirations Lead.

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