Food Origin and Safety: Meat Products

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In light of the national news reports regarding horse meat contamination in beef dishes, we wish to clarify the steps our catering operator, Innovate Services, has taken, and continue to take, to confirm the full origin and safety of the meat products used within our school restaurant.

As a matter of priority, Innovate Services has been in contact with all food and ingredient suppliers. To date, all suppliers have confirmed that no horse meat has been traced within any of the products sold to Innovate.

Innovate Services have appointed Dr Lisa Ackerley Bsc (Hons) director of food hygiene & health and safety consultancy of Hygiene Audit Systems Ltd to manage this process, including independently report on the details of all ongoing investigations with our nominated suppliers.

This includes a secondary safety precaution of undertaking independent DNA testing of products within the food supply chain, which Innovate Services is conducting in partnership with its suppliers. 

Innovate has also taken the further precaution of removing from the menu any processed meat products in the interim period.

Hygiene Audit Systems and Dr Ackerley are a retained consultant of Innovate Services limited and provide ongoing auditing and process management to our compliance team. For further information visit:


Date added: Tuesday 12th February 2013