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Important Message to all staff.

Do not use Web Portal to access email from outside school. Instead connect to:

When requested, enter your email address as the ID to login, password is not required and you should be connected automatically to Office 365.

If you are requested to enter a second username and password, repeat using the email address as the ID and your normal network password.

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Extended Schools

The extra-curricular activities offered at Pimlico Academy enrich the lives of our students and complement their academic studies.


We operate an extended day, starting with early morning breakfast clubs and finishing with after-school homework support, intervention lessons and a huge range of sporting, musical, creative and academic clubs. Rowing, jazz, steel pans, creative writing, basketball, debating, cookery...clubs are run by teaching staff who continue to invest time in our students beyond the classroom.


We have a compulsory Extended Day for our Year 7 students, requiring their attendance in school until 4.30pm Monday to Thursday. The longer school day enables us to ensure all students are achieving their academic potential, learn a musical instrument, are exercising regularly and widening their horizons through a range of extracurricular activities.