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  • Staff Team

      Senior Leadership Team
    Mrs S. Green Principal
    Mr T. Macdowall Vice Principal (Pastoral)
    Mrs L. Hehir Associate Vice Principal (Year 7/8/9)
    Mr M. Singh Associate Vice Principal (Year 10)
    Mr T. Kitson Associate Vice Principal (Year 11)
    Mrs S. Hill Assistant Principal
    Mrs G. Driver Assistant Principal, Post-16
    Mr C. Suckling Assistant Principal
    Mr A. Booth Assistant Principal
    Mrs H. Lawrence Assistant Principal
    Mr G. Aubin Director of SEND for Future Academies
    Mrs L. Reid SENDCo
    Mr R. Mendonca Head of Cognition and Learning
    Siu Liu Head of Social and Emotional Support
    Heads of Year
    Mr C. Bardetti Head of Year 7
    Mr J. Ford Head of Year 8
    Mr J. Wood Head of Year 9
    Mr G. Benjamin Head of Year 10
    Mr M. Revel Head of Year 11
    Mr O. Wimborne Head of Year 12
    Mrs L. Hughes Head of Year 13
    Heads of Department
    Mrs K. Keogh Head of Art
    Mrs R. Simpson Head of Drama
    Ms R. Roberts Head of English
    Mrs C. Danks Head of Geography
    Mr A. Harries Head of History
    Mr F. Degueurce Head of MFL
    Mrs I. Idros Head of Mathematics
    Mrs H. Elis-Williams Head of Music
    Mrs A. Royal Head of Physical Education
    Mrs M. Browning Head of Social Sciences
    Mrs K. Pither & Mrs A. Prior Joint Heads of Science

    Pimlico Academy

    Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
    Tel: 020 7828 0881