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    Pimlico Academy Sixth Form, located in the heart of Westminster, is an exciting and inspiring place to learn. At Pimlico, we are aspirational for all of our students and as a result have a consistent track record of making progress with all students, having been in the top 25% of schools for A Level results four years in a row. We take time to get to know each individual student, to understand his or her ambitions, strengths and needs. Therefore, Pimlico Academy Post Sixth Form offers a range of high quality experiences of university and professional life beyond the classroom that are suited to students’ ambitions and interests. We offer a limited number of places (around 100) to students who share our core values of:

    • Scholarship: Using study to enhance my understanding and ability to perform, analyse, argue and invent.
    • Responsibility: Leading projects that contribute to the school and wider community. Taking responsibility for my conduct and schedule.
    • Respect: Communicating honestly and maturely with professionals and students, understanding that the school systems are supportive.

    We support young people in securing excellent and competitive destinations, not only at Oxbridge and reading for degrees in medicine and law, but also at specialised providers like the Royal College of Music and St. Martins. We have also helped students secure prestigious apprenticeships at the Times, Saville Row, Ernst and Young, and the Civil Service.

    Student progress is regularly monitored and additional academic support is provided when needed. This is tailored to an individual’s requirements and can take the form of additional support in class from a teacher, supervised study, tutoring or calendared review meetings with agreed targets.


    What do our students say about us?

    Scarlett, who stayed at Pimlico after achieving straight grade 9s at GCSE: “I had a brilliant experience with many of my teachers when I was in the lower years and they made me really love my subjects. They create a friendly atmosphere and make you comfortable to learn and ask questions, and are also equipped with specialist knowledge you would not find elsewhere.”

    Emmanuel, who came here from a different school: “I love that the teachers are experienced and have great subject knowledge. The students in Year 13 also make time for you and help you out when you are struggling with some difficult work.”

    Sagal, who came back after initially taking a place elsewhere: “Coming back to Pimlico has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I realised it provides the best balance between study and extra-curricular opportunities, which I failed to find elsewhere.”


    How did we do last year?

    • 26% of grades A*-A (up 2% on 2018)
    • 63% of grades A*-B (up 1% on 2018)
    • ALPs grade 3 - top 25% in the country.
    • Our consistency over the last four years means that we have an overall ALPs grade of 2, putting us in the top 10% in the country.

    Students secured a range of places at Oxford (French and History), Manchester (Medicine and Law), LSE (Law), UCL (Politics), Kings (Geography, Film Studies and Pharmacology), Edinburgh (Maths and Physics), Bristol (Social Policy, Accounting, Environmental Sciences and Sociology), Warwick (Politics), Queen Mary (Maths, Engineering, Politics, Psychology, International Relations, Biology, Geography).

    View our KS5 School Performance


    Message from the Head of Sixth Form, Christopher Suckling

    “For me, having worked at Pimlico Academy for ten years now, what I have always been struck by is the school’s mixture of community and academic ambition. I believe our Sixth Form epitomises and realises these goals the best. There is a reason so many students stay, why students come here from other schools, why so many alumni come back to visit old teachers and support younger students…why some students come back in the first few weeks of Year 12 who succumbed to the attraction of ‘the new.’ Students feel more supported here, academically and personally. They are inspired by their teacher’s knowledge and enthusiasm to explore the full breadth and depth of their subjects. They have faith that their teachers will support them personally with their individual needs both academic and pastoral. This mixture of ambition and assistance will always be at the centre of what we do here. It is an exciting time to join our sixth form because this is being augmented with increased opportunities for student leadership, which will produce an academic and responsible community of students.”

    Pimlico Academy

    Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
    Tel: 020 7828 0881