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  • Pimlico's New Waterproof Jacket

    Pimlico reporters interviewed year 9 student Joseph about a new school jacket that is waterproof and has special features that can keep students warm and dry. In this article we have arranged some of the quotes we asked designer, Joseph, himself.

    Joseph said that teachers were complaining about how they didn’t want students wearing their own jackets and jumpers over their blazer since it wouldn’t look smart. He and his companions were selected to design a comfortable jacket that would make the students look more adroit, acceptable and adequate. “Teachers were complaining that they don’t want us to be wearing anything else over our blazer,” Joseph told Pimlico reporters. “So I am designing a new jacket.”

    He said how the students were going to vote on which jacket would be suitable and would intrigue the students to buy it. They have three options to choose from. Joseph said, “They showed us a selection of jackets and we picked one.”

    Joseph gave us the teacher’s opinion of the jacket. “The teachers said it’s better to signify us in public” which meant that it would make it easier for the public to spot Pimlico students which would benefit the school if we had some outstanding behaviour.

    Joseph told us the jacket would be ready by next year and he also gave us his opinion. “It will be a very nice comforting jacket and that most students would prefer the jacket than the school blazer.”

    - By Sihaam, Fariha, and Lara

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