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  • History Mystery at Pimlico

    The history club was started in 2007 by history teachers of Pimlico Academy. It was created in the hope that future Pimlico students will pursue history and learn more about the history behind our school and the neighbourhood.

    Year 9 club member, Asma, 14, tells us the club started “because the teachers wanted to make a club for all students who admire history and are willing to go on trips.”

    The students have studied people such as Thomas Cubitt, the designer of Pimlico borough. Asma says this has been the most interesting topics. “For this year the most interesting thing was Thomas Cubitt,” she says. “In general just how he managed to have this design and plan and how he figured a way to convince the farmers to let him set out the plan and build the buildings.”

    Asma says “we also learned about the famous people who lived in Pimlico such as Winston Churchill, Bram Stoker (the man who invented Dracula), a famous artist and an immigrant from Africa who used to have a very particular nickname.”

    Last year, Pimlico students learned about migration and what is important about it. “Last year we learned about migration and what’s important about it is that it’s not like normal history lessons in school or in classrooms.”

    Meeting every Monday after school, they learned about how children migrated to Australia and America, they said it was the most interesting topic they had studied.

    They also learned about Milbank (bordering Pimlico) and how it used to be a prison. “Millbank (which sort of borders Pimlico), used to be a prison and we studied the conditions.”

    In conclusion, the Pimlico Academy history club continues to reveal unknown facts and secrets about the local area.

    Mr Mckeating, Mrs Davies and Mr Ford supervise the club in the history department. Some of the trips that they go on include places like museums and historical landmarks in London.
    Another club member tells us “sometimes we interview people with rich knowledge of the topic of study that we are studying.”

    The history club is very successful and will continue to persevere for the future of Pimlico students who enjoy history.

    - By Joe, Daniel, and Sahil

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