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  • Education Enrichment

    Our Educational Enrichment (EE) Programme encourages ambition and achievement in life beyond school.

    Every student at the Academy is encouraged and supported to set their sights high and to broaden their ambitions, irrespective of their background or their individual circumstances.  Our EE Programme fosters this process through a diverse range of events, speakers, mentoring opportunities and visits to universities and businesses – all departments are mindful of careers links to subjects and make the most of our central location to organise trips and visitors to help broaden the view of our students.

    All opportunities are logged and tracked to ensure that every student is having a broad range of experiences. Our extended day for years 7 and 8 gives us more scope to provide an excellent range of experiences to all students without compromising academic achievement.

    Students have one to one guidance meetings at key points throughout their time at Pimlico Academy, to help them make the best possible decisions about their futures.


    Throughout their time at Pimlico Academy, students are encouraged to think about their talents and the careers that might interest them. This process is helped by notable speakers from a range of different professional backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, barristers, politicians, journalists, musicians and sportsmen. Students are given guidance on CV writing, interview skills and making presentations as part of their preparation for life beyond the Academy. We facilitate a range of opportunities for students to have meaningful encounters with people from the world of work and learn valuable networking and communication skills. These events include a networking Careers Fair, and mock interviews. This preparation also includes a week of work experience in Year 12.

    Education Beyond Pimlico Academy

    Our ambition is to equip our students with the academic talent and the confidence to achieve a place in higher or further education, and to derive the greatest benefit from their time and experiences once there.  The EE Programme aims to inform students about university, to debunk myths and to arrange university visits, including meeting students and lecturers, touring the buildings and experiencing university-style lectures and seminars. We keep parents informed about the requirements of the UCAS system, and we provide information and reassurance about the sometimes daunting issues of university life including student finance. We also provide guidance on vocational courses and alternative post 16 routes, such as sixth form colleges and apprenticeships. Advice is always tailored to each individual student’s needs and ambitions. 


    Pimlico Academy has a number of partnerships in place where volunteers support students through one-to-one or small group mentoring. Students derive benefit from interacting with adults outside school, and mentors often give huge encouragement to their mentees. Mentors too benefit from the relationship and the rewards that helping young adults bring.

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