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  • Deaf Student Shares His Experiences at Pimlico

    Hyder is a sixth former in Pimlico Academy. He is 17 but there is something special about him; he is deaf. When Hyder was 8 months old, he developed weak nerves in his ears but doctors still don’t know why.

    We interviewed him about how it is to be deaf at Pimlico Academy. His response was, “It feels alright, it doesn’t really change anything. It doesn’t really separate me from other people that much.”

    We also asked him about his first day here and he made it very clear that it doesn’t really make him different. “Again, my first day wasn’t really different from other people. I just had to get comfortable with other people.”

    He hears using a very strong hearing aid which he can use to control the volume of noise. Every week he replaces the batteries in his hearing aid otherwise he can’t hear except really loud music.

    We asked him about class and he told us there are lots of background noises so it’s hard for him to focus on more than one person. He also told us his favourite subject is history; he likes learning about the past and how our future can be shaped by the past.

    On the positive side of being deaf, he told us that when his dad is snoring, he can’t hear it.

    Our last question was, ‘what do you wish more people knew about you or being hearing impaired?’ His response was, “It doesn’t really change me that much to other people so they don’t have to speak in a loud tone or say, ‘Can you hear me?’ Just because I can hear them perfectly. It’s just that I can’t hear them without my hearing aid and that’s all there is to it.”

    - By Tariq, Uriah, Ahmed

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