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  • Creative MultiLingualism

    Creative Multilingualism is a four-year research programme investigating the interconnection. Between linguistic diversity and creativity. The programme is funded by the Open World Research Initiative.

    It is being led by the faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford but also involves the following world leading universities: The University of Cambridge, University of Pittsburgh, University of Reading, SOAS and Birmingham City University.

    This year Pimlico Academy Language students were invited to the first Creative Multilingualism afternoon to bring multilingual learners across borough together to work through a range of activities that hope to bridge the gap between languages that are spoken inside and outside of the MFL classroom.

    The afternoon was split into three sessions: the first introduced students to multilingual poetry and reflected on multilingualism in our society. This was done through interactive readings and Translations of poetry from Benjamin Zephaniah, Jacques Pervert and Samira Beatriz Fidelis.

    The Second session allowed students who study French or Spanish to explore some multilingual poetry in their target language and to reflect on postcolonial and anticolonial perspectives; students were introduced to influential postcolonial poets such as Aim Cesare.

    The third session saw students attempting to write their own multilingual pieces of work collaboratively in their home languages.

    Thanks to our talented selection of PA students!

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