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  • Year 10 Spanish Trip

    Another year and another successful MFL trip to northern Spain; full of culture, sunshine and Spanish.  We stayed in the picturesque Santillana Del Mar (the town of the three lies: no es santo (it’s not holy), no es llano (it’s not flat) ni hay mar (nor is there any sea).

    The town’s annual fiesta de Santa Juliana coincidentally fell whilst we were there and provided us with much entertainment.  We saw a full ten piece mariachi band in the main square on the first night, were chased around by some Gigantes (people dressed with huge terrifying heads) on the second night and danced to salsa, reggaeton and Abba in Spanish on the third night.

    Students also got a taste of Spanish tapas in a restaurant. We all ate far too much and were full for the rest of the evening but some students still managed to fit in some churros. We explored the beautiful city of Santander and fascinating Bilbao. We also learned plenty of new vocabulary throughout the trip. The safari park provided some particularly interesting new words- dromedario (a two humped camel) is bound to come up in the GCSE exam.

    However, I’m not sure the animals appreciated the boys' rendition of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, sung in the cable car - audible throughout the entire 8 km squared of nature park. The students were enthusiastic about taking as many opportunities as they could to speak Spanish and it was great to see them enjoying the culture.

    Thanks to all who came on the trip for making it so enjoyable. It was a pleasure to take you all to experience Spain out of the classroom. Thank you to Ms Arkwright and Mr Palmer for giving up your time to come with us.

    We will definitely be returning to Spain. Keep an eye out for information on our trip next year!

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