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  • Year 12 Trip to the Freud Museum

    On Thursday 12th July, Miss Dodd took the year 12 Psychology students to the Freud museum in North London.

    Students enjoyed a tour of the museum, which was Freud’s house for the last year of his life.  This included visiting his old study, home to the iconic couch where Freud conducted much of his famed psychoanalysis.  After touring the house, students took part in a discussion and Q&A with a Freud expert from the museum.  Topics discussed included Freud’s view on religion, the importance of dreams within psychoanalysis, the relevance of Freud today and trends within psychology more broadly.


    Danielle in year 12 gave us her view:

    "I really enjoyed the trip. Learning about Freud in the context of the environment in which he lived made his theories much easier to understand.  Meeting the education officer who was really passionate about Freud’s theories was also a really useful experience. I found it interesting to learn about Freud’s daughter Anna and her work with child psychoanalysis.  

    "Even though Freud’s theories are no longer fashionable within psychology, it is really important to learn about him as he was such an influential figure for a long time. I am hoping to study psychology at university and opportunities like visiting the Freud Museum are invaluable."

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