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  • Year 9 Charity Football match

    As you know, in Year 9 we take great pride in the fact we regularly participate in supporting our local and global communities. We try to focus on supporting charities that we agree as a year group are important causes to us.

    Last summer we supported our local community of Westminster by donating 174 kilograms of food to the Victoria Foodbank Appeal.  In December we supported the ‘Christmas Shoebox Appeal’ and sent 12 shoeboxes filled with small gifts to communities who cannot afford to treat their loved ones at Christmas time. Our Christmas shoeboxes were shipped to rural communities in Albania.

    We decided to broaden our community outreach even further this term by raising money to buy some goats for rural villages in Africa. We learnt through Oxfam charity that goats are invaluable to these families for many different reasons.

    Their milk can be used by the families themselves or sold as produce. Their manure is used to fertilise crops and if they reproduce their kids can be sold into other neighbouring communities. The goats therefore become a central part of producing produce and income for these villages.

    To raise money to buy 2 goats we decided to organise an after-school Year 9 football match where everyone paid to either play or spectate. The football match took place in Term 5 with the A-side of the year playing the B-side. Lots of people came to support and cheer on their side of the year.

    Even though it was a rainy Friday afternoon, the enthusiasm from the players was outstanding with. The final score was 7-4 to B-side.  We have raised enough money to buy 2 goats to be sent through Oxfam to an African community

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