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  • Music Tracks Celebration Concert

    It has become an annual Pimlico Academy tradition since 2010 to have a Music Tracks concert to highlight the high quality music tuition provided at our Academy.

    On Thursday, 5 July, Pimlico year 7 students demonstrated the remarkable talent and progress they had achieved from just 30 lessons in their chosen instrument.

    Research shows that learning an instrument can have a positive effect on many important aspects of students' development, including concentration, discipline, literacy and self-esteem. There were other benefits too from students' involvement in this project.

    The whole experience of preparing for the concert was immensely rewarding, but to top it all, they also performed alongside the Kensington Symphony Orchestra. We are extremely grateful to the KSO, who gave so much of their time willingly for nothing, in order to support our students.

    During the concert, students were divided into groups according to the instrument they were playing.

    The Line up

    • First up was KSO who played a triumphant Entry of the Gladiators, a piece often associated with the circus.
    • The first Pimlico group to play was the Flute Group; they played Hairy Scary, a Jazz-influenced piece, conducted by Sarah Watts.
    • Secondly, we heard from the String Heroes, who played the popular Wizard of Oz classic, Over the Rainbow.
    • Then we heard  from Aaron Peart, accompanied by KSO, who performed a sequence of Scottish Dances.
    • The Brass group performed Hot Chilli, a short piece with two contrasting sections, with a lively Latin feel.
    • While the Clarinet Group performed two orchestral pieces called Movie Buster, and Peanut Butter Pals
    • One student, Francesco, provided an exceptional lively baroque violin sonata.

    Danse Macabre

    Perhaps the highlight was the final piece, Danse Macabre, where all Year 7 Pimlico students came together with the KSO to perform in this dramatic piece in four sections. Danse Macabre, written by the French composer Camille Saint-Saens. A section of the piece is most well-known for its use as the title music in the BBC series Jonathan Creek.


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    Russel Keable

    We were honoured that Russel Keable was able to join us to conduct various pieces, and support with rehearsals. He has earned a reputation as one of the UK's most exciting musicians, through his long history of outstanding music performances with orchestras and choirs throughout the British Isles.


    This concert could not have happened without the kind support of Kensington Symphony Orchestra, the dedicated Music Department at Pimlico Academy, and the supportive Music technicians who made the event possible.


    This concert is just one of a series of concerts happening this term, alongside the  South West Fest happening across  the South Westminster area. Watch out for Pimlico's next outstanding musical performance at the Summer Festival on Thursday 12 July - a whole day of music! See you there.

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