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  • Science Week 2018

    The Science department at Pimlico Academy organised workshops, lectures, quizzes, and drop-in sessions for Science Week 2018 in March. Two groups of students have decided to share their experiences of Science Week.


    Science Week at Pimlico Academy

    Science week took place this term, and Pimlico Academy’s science department hosted a series of events, including flying kites, quizzing teachers and explosions!!!

    Throughout the week, numerous students took part in activities within the school during lunchtimes, science lessons and afterschool, leaving them riveted with the powers and mysteries of science. While some students were enjoying the ‘wiggly wild show’ where many insects and animals – including a baby dragon and snake – were on display to watch and even hold, others were left in awe as they watched fiery displays of coffee powder being burned. Additionally, during assemblies everyone had a chance to support their heads of years in a ‘who wants to be a millionaire quiz’ on the theme of biomimicry.

    By Alan & Hassan


    Wiggly Wild Show

    Pimlico Academy was visited by various creatures, including garter snakes, geckos and African snails! Students thoroughly enjoyed viewing a range of animals, which were all non-venomous. Students also received the opportunity to interact with these animals during lunch time. Pupils enjoyed stroking and asking questions. Within science lessons, some students were given a presentation which they found very enlightening and fascinating. They learnt about the various ways in which these “creepy crawlies” assist us in finding innovations to develop the way we live our lives. For example, Velcro has been inspired by the legs of a millipede!

    Potentially, humans could learn from a gecko’s ability to regrow its tail. Re-growing limbs could be a very real possibility. Already, snail slime is being harvested for its anti-ageing benefits and is being sold in stores such as Boots! Snail eggs are even being used as an alternative to caviar.


    By Mariam Abdelhadi and Ellie-Diana Wheat


    Find some more photos of the event here.

    This week of events was organised by the Science department. Click here to find out some more information about the exceptional Science facilities and curriculum.

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