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  • Pimlicans in Primary schools

    Some of our year 9 students have just graduated from our fantastic mentoring program designed to support students in developing life skills, new aspirations and positive life goals.

    Students are also able to develop emotional literacy (self-reflection, self-management, awareness of others and social skills) to utilise their everyday lives, as well as mentor a small child in one of our Future Primary Schools,  Millbank Academy.

    Some of our Year 8 students have also just ended their Reading Mentoring Program, where they read with Year 2 children at Churchill Gardens Academy. They were all a pleasure to spend time with and get to know. They united as a group and got on well together, which was pleasing to see.


    The reading mentoring program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills for establishing and building relationships and to educate young people about the responsibilities of caring for a young child, and is for students who would like to be an inspiration for small children.

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