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  • Year 9 Plastic Heroes

    Plastic rubbish has become a major problem for our planet. In the UK we use billions of plastic bottles each year and only a small fraction are recycled. Much of our discarded plastic ends up in the world’s oceans and it is causing a huge environmental problem.

    Sadly at Pimlico we throw away most of the plastic we use each day in litter bins so it is not recycled as it should be.

    Fortunately, a group of Year 9 students have decided to do their bit to solve the problem; they are our Plastic Heroes. Each day the volunteers are taking it in turns to collect the used plastic bottles and other plastic items that are usually just thrown in the bin during their break and lunch times.

    Their collection is then taken to be recycled at the end of the day ensuring that at least some of Pimlico’s plastic is saved from ending up in land fill sites or the sea. They have done this with a wonderful community spirit and enthusiasm.

    Their hope is that students from other year groups will join them, and the whole school will become more mindful of their responsibility to recycle. Their aim is for most of Pimlico’s used plastic to be recycled by the end of the year.

    Here are some videos that were shown to year 9 students at assembly to encourage recycling. We encourage all parents to watch them too, to encourage children to recycle!







    Thank you so much to our year 9 Plastic Heroes.

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