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  • Grow Club on Mondays

    This term saw the beginning of our after school Grow Club on a Monday. Involving six Year 7 students and led by Mr Mendonca, the Grow club gives students the opportunity to plant seeds, look after them by managing the soil and growing them.

    The students have successfully planted, grown, cooked and eaten peas. The idea behind the Grow Club is to give students the experience of planting and growing vegetables. A fertile garden has been created at the back of the main playground by the AstroTurf where the club convenes every Monday afternoon to both learn about planting and growing seeds and to actively do this in their group.

    The Growing club is part of the Extended Day at Pimlico Academy which allows students to develop new skills and hobbies through a range of clubs and activities after school. To find out more, click here.



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