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  • Year 11 Drama performances


    On Thursday 15th March, the Year 11 drama cohort performed their Component 2 pieces which are worth 20% of their drama GCSE. The students performed extracts from an Ancient Greek play, either Antigone by Sophocles or Medea by Euripides.

    They explored these plays in lesson time, understanding the historical, cultural and political context of the plays and applying this understanding to their portrayal of these characters and their stories on stage.

    The students then chose two key scenes they thought really highlighted their character’s intentions and journey. They spent several weeks rehearsing and refining their chosen scenes to really draw out the tensions and conflicts between their characters, major themes in any ancient Greek play!

    On the day of the exam, nerves were extremely high as the students were performing to an external examiner from the exam board. They prepared their set, lighting and costume to really transport the audience into the world of these tragic ancient Greek characters.

    The students’ final pieces were captivating, intense and full of genuine emotion. All students showed a brilliant understanding of their character and their context on the stage. The Year 10 GCSE cohort, and our Drama ambassadors came to watch the exam pieces and commented that they felt completely transported and engrossed in their pieces, and were extremely worried about doing the same exam next year, or in the years to come, as they felt they ‘could be nowhere near as talented and confident on the stage as the Year 11s were.’ Of course, we feel that with enough hard work and dedication to their pieces they will also achieve great performances!

     As a department, we wish all the Year 11 drama students luck with the summer results of this performance component. We know all the students will achieve excellent grades which reflects their hard work towards their final pieces. 


    To find out more about Drama at Pimlico Academy, see our curriculum page.

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