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  • Team Maths Challenge


    A team of year 8 and year 9 students represented Pimlico Academy at the Team Maths Challenge Regional finals.

    The Team Maths Challenge is run by the UK Mathematics Trust and encourages mathematical reasoning, speed, and work and communication skills. It is aimed at Years 8 and 9 in England, and created to make students think. 

    This year, our team was Fajr Dyaeldin (Year 8), Amel Saleh (Year 8), Ellie Wheat (Year 9) and Adam Ouaja (Year 9). The team said the following:

    “Taking part in the Maths Challenge was an honour, and was fun yet challenging. It showed a different side to maths, where it was not just sums to do with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It makes you think outside the box and tricks you into thinking one thing when it was actually the other.

    Overall, the Team Maths Challenge was a new experience and incredibly fun. I, as well as my teammates, learnt a variety of new things, and although we didn’t win, the experience was worth it.”

    Maths is one of the compulsory subjects taught at Pimlico Academy right up to GCSE. This event, organised by the Maths department, was one of many ways that the school engages students in learning, and encourages them to be successful. Visit the curriculum page for more information.

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