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  • Further Mathematics support programme


    Year 10 were given the opportunity to attend an enrichment event held by The Further Mathematics Support Programme. 


    The Further Mathematics Support Programme supports the development of Higher Level Problem Solving skills, including support for teachers, helping students prepare for a range of examinations, and promoting maths as a subject.

    The event consisted of two speakers, the first being Katie Steckles who spoke about maths’ greatest unsolved puzzles.  During this session students were shown some of the greatest unsolved problems in mathematics.  They were also given the chance to try to work out some challenging puzzles that have only recently been solved.

    The second speaker, Richard Liassaman, spoke about the applications of maths in technology.  Students were shown how a skill they have recently learned about, solving simultaneous equations, are used to make search engines like Google run.  Students were also shown how scalar products are used in video games to create the lighting and other visual effects, in video games and other animations. 

    The event gave students a good insight into the different careers that they may not have known about, that are available to them if they choose to study maths past GCSEs. 


    Maths is one of the compulsory subjects taught at Pimlico Academy right up to GCSE. This event, organised by the Maths department, was one of many ways that the school engages students in learning, and encourages them to be successful. To find out more about the Maths department, see our curriculum page.

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