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  • Humanist speaker visits Year 10 RE class


    Robin Launder from Humanist UK visited a Year 10 Religious Studies class. Launder's talk offered an excellent outline of what humanists believe, and how and why their viewpoints differ from religious ones, (which is important for students to understand for Pimlico's RS GCSE).


    As Mehdi Al-Najim writes, "This talk outlined that Humanism has four main beliefs: the use of reason and evidence to form beliefs, being agnostic about the existence of God or an  atheist, supporting secularism or the separation of Church and state, and the importance of not harming others in society."

    Ghadeer Zeidan went on to highlight that humanism has an important role to play in British society; "Statistics suggest that 53% of the population in England and Wales have no religion, and in a recent survey even 2% of Anglican priests said they are not certain of the existence of God!"

    Humanism offers us one viewpoint amongst many; as Ghadeer says, "the important thing is that everybody has freedom of religion to believe in what is important to them."

    Robin Launder was an engaging speaker and an excellent advocate for humanism. The talk has helped the students better understand a key viewpoint for their RS GCSE. We are very grateful that he could visit the Academy and look forward to inviting him back for future year groups.


    Religious Studies is one of the subjects taught by the Social Sciences department. To find out more, visit the curriculum page.

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