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  • Year 12 students participated in Sheriff's Challenge


    Year 12 students from Pimlico Academy participated in the Speakers Challenge. They gave a short presentation on the topic ‘What makes a great leader?’.

    The team was supported by Miss Essaye from the Raising Aspirations team and Miss Browning from the Social Sciences department.

    Year 12 student, Benin said:


    "For the Sheriff's Challenge competition, we focused on Mona Eltahawy as our chosen ‘great leader’. We believed she represents true leadership because she speaks out for women in the Middle East who can not, using the privilege and freedom she possesses.

    "Eltahawy speaks on taboo subjects such as FGM, female rights and all the forms of abuse in her book, 'Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution' which we based our main argument around. Instead of allocating a leader we chose to equally distribute the research among the eight of us, and used consensus decision making for things such as, who would speak, and what would go into the final presentation. This was a different experience for us all, since there was no designated leader running sessions. It worked well as a system.

    "Although, we didn't get to the second heat, the four that spoke now feel more confident with public speaking. We all learnt which positions suit us within group work, and the different aspects of making a convincing argument. It was exciting to complete the presentation on Eltahaway, and learn more about intersectional feminism and women’s rights in the Arab world."

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