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  • Pimlico's resident first story poet celebrates the suffragettes


    Pimlico Academy’s student, Matilda Collins, took part in a writing workshop for Book Week 2018, with writers’ charity First Story, on Tuesday 6 February. This also marked one hundred years to the day when women for the first time were given the right to vote in parliamentary elections in Britain.

    Poet in resident, Matilda Collins, wrote an outstanding poem about the Suffragettes, who fought for this right until they eventually succeeded in 1918.


    My sister’s a Suffragette.

    Bright blue eyes full of ambition. She’s

    Constantly powerful.

    She knows what she wants.


    My sister is a Suffragette. Undeniably focused -

    Even at the worst of times


    My sister’s a suffragette.

    Whether she’s fighting for her rights

    Or fighting for the right to sit in the passenger’s


    My sister’s a suffragette.


    First Story, and Book Week, are run in collaboration with the English Department at Pimlico Academy. Find out more about the English Department on our Curriculum page.

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