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    The facilities at Pimlico Academy are available for community use in the evenings, weekends and holidays.

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    Students automatically become members of the Pimlico Alumni Association at the point of leaving the Academy.

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Pimlico Academy is a highly aspirational school where students are challenged and supported to achieve to the best of their abilities.

Pimlico Futures

Pimlico Academy is part of a small family of local schools, Future Academies. Future Academies sponsors selected South Westminster schools which are federated together under the Future Academies umbrella.

Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Academy is a non-fee paying school for local children. As part of the family of Future Academies schools in South Westminster, we pride ourselves on our determination to deliver excellence in every aspect of our provision.

Future Training

Future Training's Pimlico-London SCITT sets a new standard in school- based teacher training.

Pimlico Primary

Pimlico Primary, a non-fee paying local primary school, will open its doors to its first pupils in September 2013. Pimlico Primary is part of the Future Academies group of schools and shares a site with Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Primary

The Curriculum Centre acts as Curriculum Director of Studies in Future Academies.


    • Academy05/11/2014

      Faure's Requiem Choir Rehearsal 5/11/14

    • Academy06/11/2014

      Brandenberg Choral Festival

    • Academy13/11/2014

      Post 16 Information Evening

    • Academy02/12/2014

      Faure's Requiem Choir Rehearsal 2/12/14

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